The Continuing Education Center (CEC) is a leading training institute for professionals and executives in career development and in various fields of business and management. It is affiliated to the first university dedicated to business and technology studies in Saudi Arabia, the University of Business and Technology (UBT).

Among its Programs are those specialized in :

  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Oil Industry
  • Entertainment
  • Software Design
  • Luxury
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
With its state-of-the-art facilities and premises, CEC is on the 27th Floor of the prestigious King Road Tower in Jeddah.


CEC vision, with an eye on quality and the other on performance, is to pioneer the provision of a comprehensive range of internationally-recognized Certification Programs, as well as customized workshops, to business professionals and members of society at large.

Reflecting on “Education is a life-long need and knowledge is the power of today”, CEC aims to up-grade and up-date the know-how and expertise of those employees with respect to their various profiles, positions and career evolution and challenges.

Certified Partners